3 Ways SEO & Web Design Go Together

SEO & Web Design

Website performance has to be improved to bring in more clients. Unless you make an impression with your services and offers, the chances for you to earn a profit from the brand are almost zero. Ranking your website on search engines is one thing and making it look appealing is another; you need to look into all these features to ensure more sales of your services and products. Several factors have to be taken into consideration when improving the overall appeal of the website. We almost always neglect some of the most important elements to pay attention to only the least valuable aspects. SEO and design interplay to form a synergy, promoting each other. This will boost the reputation and brand of not just the brand but also the services used. Let us look at a few ways how SEO and web design blend together.

1.      Mobile-Friendliness

If you are familiar with SEO and web design, you might know how important mobile-friendly features are. You may be quite outdated in terms of the services offered. It is high time that you improve your site to be functional to the small devices as well. Mobile-friendliness was also made a ranking factor almost five years back. Google has given due importance to mobile-friendly websites. The number of people surfing through websites on desktops has decreased significantly over the past several years, while people searching on mobile devices increased.

More than half of the audience is generated from mobile devices; so, you must also focus on making your website appealing on smartphones. Since you are alienating a huge number of potential clients by ignoring the need for a mobile-friendly design, you must start paying attention to everything you do to make the website accessible on mobile devices.

2.      Designs Must be Easy to Read

Improving your SEO also includes content optimization. Some people forget the fact that designs have the ability to seep through the screens into the hearts of viewers. If the visitors found nothing relatable and appealing on the site, they are most likely to quit using your services or even disregard your offerings. The font used should be legible, meaning the colors and the style must go together to be attractive. You must also look at the size of the text so that you don’t end up developing a site with the least amount of aesthetic qualities. Your money lies in creating the best platform for the customers. So, make sure to keep everything minimal and easy to absorb.

Easy to Read

3.      Speed of the Website

Factors that slow down your website must be checked for and tweaked to improve the performance. If your site hasn’t been ranked well, one of the main reasons could be the slow and rough path followed. The images must be optimized, and the unnecessary plugins should be eliminated to make your site faster. If the site takes longer than three seconds, the visitors are likely to abandon it right away.

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