4 Highly Effective Web Design Tips Backed by Research


If you are foraying into web designing projects, knowledge of the topics is not all you require. The professional experience of the designers is always checked to ensure the best quality of the products and services. Web design tips are available in plenty on the internet, and you have easy access to such sites. However, not all guides are equally reliable. Unless the market has been studied to devise plans according to the trends, your designs are likely to be thrown into the trash. Hideous designs aren’t bringing in any clients; you must create superior quality patterns and interface to attract more people to the site.

Most visitors of a company say the main factor for judging the quality of services is the design of the website. Some objective data that could help you throughout the marketing and designing processes will surely help you gain a better position in the business. But finding the right tips for design improvements can be hard when client requirements are different. Here are some tried and proven techniques that have been employed after considerable research.

1.      Make Speed the Priority

One of the most important factors to check always is the speed of the site. It may be the last thing the designers notice, but the visitors go ahead with a website only when it is fast enough. Your investment must also go into making your site fast so that clients are retained. Since the search engines factor in your page loading speed, you need to make sure that it is always maintained to attain better ranks.


2.      Make the Fold Appealing

Many people still debate on the feature of folds on a website owing to the fact that they have witnessed a sharp decline in the past few years. However, many visitors check the fold quality every time they are on a site. Always use a descriptive headline and include your call to action to attract more people to your services.

3.      Add More Options


When you are given more options, you are more likely to take longer to decide. This works for every form of business, and it will surely help you build your reputation as well. People are looking for a wide range of options to select from. You should be offering them the best features with your services. Limited form fields, reduced number of items on the menu, and focusing on one call to action will develop a better image for your company.

4.      Simple Designs

Going for less is better because it offers a platform with minimal colors and patterns, making the site classy and appealing. All the features have to be mulled over for some time so that every element brings something to the table. Try sticking to standard layouts and check the best placements for the sidebar. Avoid any ostentatious addition to make the website the best form of what you have to offer.

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